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forest therapy via wood planked path leading into forest with sun shine

What is Forest Therapy?

forest therapy via wood planked path leading into forest with sun shine

What is EcoNIDRA?

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Latest Blog Posts

  • A Forest Bathing Tutorial
    Hello Valkyries! I’m excited to share this tutorial I wrote how to do go on a forest bathing walk. As a certified nature and forest therapy guide, I help people reduce stress, sooth anxiety, and connect with nature in a special way. For those I can’t reach, or who can’t attend one of my guided … Read more
  • How to thaw out from Winter and get excited for Spring
    Hello, My Valkyries. It is March! I’m slowly thawing out in mind and body and looking forward to the coming Spring. While Fall is usually my favorite season, Spring is becoming a contender. There is something so magical in Spring, it can be the ultimate new beginning. The birth of Hope and Possibility appears and … Read more
  • Becoming a Certified Forest Therapy Guide
    Over the last year or so, I’ve had quite a few people reach out to me inquiring what it’s like to be a certified forest therapy guide and what’s involved in becoming certified. Since this is a long post, I’ve broken it up into a handy table of contents you can come back and skip … Read more

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Modern Day Valkyrie welcomes all individuals regardless of race, gender, identity, abilities, age, etc. and celebrates the total uniqueness of others. We have zero tolerance for any racism, bigotry, or xenophobia of any kind, or the use of Viking symbolism in white supremacy. We pledge unwavering support to people of BIPOC and LGBT.