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Hi! I’m Cinde, and I founded Modern Day Valkyrie out of a desire to bring the healing benefits of nature to others struggling with stress, anxiety or other mental wellness issues. Perhaps you’ve had a similar journey – a busy person who on the outside looks happy and successful, but on the inside not so much.

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I am a Certified Forest Therapy Guide and Wildcrafting Alchemist.


In Norse mythology, Valhalla is a great hall of slain viking warriors who live happily, feasting and drinking until called upon by the god Odin to fight once more.

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To earn a place in Valhalla, a warrior’s finest honor, he had to die heroically enough in battle for a Valkyrie to notice and choose him.

She would then escort him up into the heavens of Asgard and to Valhalla.

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What if we too were warriors, and there was a Valhalla right here on Earth?

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Modern Day Valkyrie is a mindset developed that promotes living a new truth within ourselves – that we are all Valkyries, Vikings, Shieldmaidens, Warriors (or however you wish to identify yourself, as any label works!) who can heal with nature and transform into Valkyries.

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We have at our disposal a natural Valhalla – Nature.

When we connect and build a reciprocal relationship with Nature we  become warriors who then can reach down and lift someone else up.  I believe with all of my heart that it helps you if you help others.

It is important to note that I am not claiming that forest therapy alone will cure whatever ails you. I’m also NOT a professional doctor or therapist. I do my best to not dispense any disproven mental health advice and I always encourage people to consult their doctors accordingly.

I am a Certified Forest Therapy Guide certified by the Association of Nature and Forest Therapy Guides and programs and a person who hopes my experiences and struggles may help others.

I believe there is no one thing that works 100% when it comes to our struggles, no matter how big or small. Rather, it is a combination of many things, and everyone is different in their healing journeys.

It is up to you, Warrior, to find those, try them, and find what works and what doesn’t, and do the work toward healing.

Healing is hard work. But know that you’re not alone.

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Hey, I’m with you!

Whether it is battling mental illness alone or struggling through everyday stress, we all falter from time to time.  And that can be so incredibly difficult to do alone. Modern Day Valkyrie is a community of people who care. We’ve been there and we know how it can feel devastating to feel like you are the only one who feels this way. 

We strive to destroy the stigma that mental illness or struggles are best kept hidden.

We promote community healing and connection to nature. We strive to bring issues of mental wellness to the forefront of society so that it is treated and talked about the same as a broken arm is.

We are with you. You are a Valkyrie.

Even when you fall.

Sometimes we lose our way, or get stuck in the everyday stress of “all the things” and suffer burnout. Sometimes we just need help with a bit of courage.

We – the forest and I, are here to reach down from above and give you a hand up, and help you feel better.

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