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Who We Are

Modern Day Valkyrie’s mission is to empower people to build positive wellness habits through a heart-centered healing relationship with nature, and advocate for the Untamed World.

About Us

Hello, Forest Friends!

Meet Cinde.

Ever since she was a few years old, founder Cinde Morris has been a devoted friend and worshipper of Nature. She never quite understood why no one wanted salamanders, toads, or sick crows in the house! She loved playing in the woods for hours looking for fairies, trolls, and sprites. In later years, the woods became a deep place of solace and the trees a safe and trustworthy listener of her trials and tribulations. Today she still counts nature as her best friend and serves it by being an ANFT Certified Nature & Forest Therapy Guide, wildcraft alchemist, aromatherapist, and artist.

Our Offerings

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Our Forest Therapy Walks

Reconnect with Nature

Our walks use the Japanese practice of Shinrin-yoku as a foundation and branch out into a deeper experience. We venture out into nature, delving into embodiment, inviting any restoring our bodies and minds may desire, and establish a relationship with the More Than Human World. Guided walks are roughly 2-3 hours long, and are comprised of very gentle activities that help us awaken our senses and sink into liminality, which enables us to connect with nature in a deep and profound way. Our sessions are trauma informed, and a good fit for all people. Whether you are an extrovert or introvert – you will feel comfortable and in your own skin during our group walks!

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Our Products

Heart-felt and Nature Inspired

We craft nature bath and body products from our studio in the Twin Cities of Minnesota. We are surrounded by our own Valhalla – beautiful forests, wildlife, and all that nature has to offer. We forage what we are allowed to (and always with permission!) and grow most of the herbs we use in our products. Everything else is sourced from extremely high quality suppliers. We have done our best to capture the essence of The More Than Human World by offering a line of products that scents that transport you to the Old Woods. We never test on animals, and do our best to be ecofriendly wherever possible.

About Modern Day Valkyrie

In Norse mythology, Valhalla is a great hall of slain Viking warriors who spend their time happily feasting and drinking until called upon by the god Odin to fight once more when the world ends (Ragnarök). To earn a place in Valhalla, a warrior’s finest honor, he had to fight and die very heroically in battle. If they were lucky, a Valkyrie would choose them. She would then escort him up into the heavens of Asgard and to Valhalla. We ‘ve taken a modern twist on this mythology, and asked ourselves the question, “What if we too were warriors, and there was a Valhalla right here on Earth?”

Modern Day Valkyrie is a mindset developed that promotes living a new truth within ourselves – that we are all Valkyries, Vikings, Shieldmaidens, Warriors (or however you wish to identify yourself, as any label works!) who can heal with nature and transform into Valkyries. And to remember – we have at our disposal a natural Valhalla – Nature. When we connect and build a reciprocal relationship with Nature we become warriors who then can “reach down” and lift someone else up. I believe with all of my heart that it helps you if you help others. We – the forest and I, are here to reach down from above and give you a hand up, and help you feel better.

We are an empathic nature-based company promoting overall health and mental wellness,
by providing guided forest therapy walks, information and nature inspired products.

Modern Day Valkyrie friends with nature

Modern Day Valkyrie welcomes all individuals regardless of race, gender, identity, abilities, age, etc. and celebrates the total uniqueness of others. We have zero tolerance for any racism, bigotry, or xenophobia of any kind, or the use of Viking symbolism in white supremacy. We pledge unwavering support to people of BIPOC and LGBT.

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