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We Don’t Just Preach Forest Therapy 24/7.

Try some of these activities to slow down, reconnect with yourself and lower stress.

You don’t have to be Rembrandt to enjoy creating art. Art is an easy way to help us lower stress, increase focus, and inspire creativity. Studies have shown that the mere act of doodling, say while in a meeting, helps our brain organize thoughts and clear the way for memory retention and focus. Many people hold back from creating art for fear of it being criticized or even laughed at. If that is how you feel – get better friends! Kidding. Or simply create something and keep it private or throw it away.

Here are some suggestions to get started zoning out in art.

  • Buy a small sketch book and some drawing pencils and sketch on the go.
  • Crash a kid’s coloring session and color in – or out of the lines!
  • Buy an adult paint by number kit – you can find many online and sometimes craft stores have them. (I love listening to audiobooks while I do this.)
  • Go to a craft store and buy a kit. So what if it’s for kids. 🙂
  • Buy some multi colored gel pens and use when in meetings or at work.
  • Buy some adult coloring books.
  • Go see art – check out an art show or a museum and activate the brain.

Milaka Gharab of NPR wrote an excellent article about what happens to your brain when you create art.

Embrace the Norwegian concept of Friluftsliv. Pronounced “free-loofts-liv” means “free-air-life”. This Norwegian concept embraces connecting with nature, not only loving the outdoors in all types of weather, but living a simple life in nature without destroying it. The 5,000+ year old concept isn’t about extreme nature activities, but rather just living with nature. Check out this wonderful summary of the live in Norway via a TEDx Talk by Lorelou Dejardins.

Find your purpose in life with the Japanese concept of Ikigai.

Practising meditation can be daunting at first. Try walking meditation and go from there.

Doctors in mental and physical health fields could recommend patients receive a dose of forest therapy to aid in their healing plan.