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Quote of the Day – Autumn Quote by Albert Camus

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Autumn quote by Albert Camus

Autumn quote by Albert Camus

Our quote of the day is about the lovely season of Autumn by Albert Camus. “Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower.” How true this is. Many people see falling leaves as a symbol of letting go of issues and problems we face, but I love seeing them like Albert did, lovely flowers, leaves, and gourds enchanting us in reds, yellows, oranges, browns, and golds.

modern day valkyrie: lake in autumn forest
An autumn lake basking in all the colors

Treasured Moments in Autumn

Lately, I have often thought about the fact that I am entering the “Autumn” of my life. I’ve squandered the Spring and Summer of my life, thinking, “It’s fine, I’m young, I still have time.” Now, here I am, in my 40’s wondering where did all that time go?

I hate to admit it, but lately, I’ve focused more on my aging face and muscle loss than I have about things that really matter. I’ve spent too much time lamenting on how my face is older, more lined, and as a woman, wondering if my self-worth is disappearing, because society tells us our worth is reflected in our looks.

Autumn flowers by Modern Day Valkyrie
Magnificent color of Autumn

This quote is a beautiful reminder that there are certain times in our lives that do not have to be defined by what society says. Beauty can come in Spring, Summer, Autumn, and even Winter. Just as every season has equal worth and beauty, so do I. This autumn quote by Albert Camus reminds me that beauty truly is timeless, and instead of thinking my life on this planet is winding down, it is not. This time in my life is the Second Spring.

What a glorious gift it would be for those of us now older, to receive this blessing of a Second Spring. A time where we can be however we wish to be, only instead of the person I was in my 20’s, I’m wiser and more experienced. I’m more empathetic, considerate and contemplative. 

I am. Braver. Stronger. Fearless.

This time of year shows me that decay is nothing more than a transformation into another form. And what a glorious form that is, to be such a vibrant, rich, deep hue of wisdom.

This quote is to remind anyone who needs it that no matter how old we are, we are just as beautiful as we were back in the Spring of our youth. And if you didn’t think or know you were beautiful then, I’m going to get real with you here. You were. And you are. Sometimes we weren’t told that, or told otherwise. And we believed it. Some of us weren’t very kind to ourselves back then.  That was then. Now, in the Autumn of life, you are.

Allow yourself to be the glorious colors of autumn. This is a Warrior Way.

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