I go into the woods/hike/walk all the time. Why do I need a Guide?


A few benefits of having a guide:

  • We scout areas and trails that offer the best experience and safety. You won’t get lost with us.
  • We set the pace of the walk so you don’t have to. In our world today, we’ve become so accustomed to thinking and moving fast, even when we don’t realize it. We’re constantly multi-tasking and easily distracted by our phones – so many things demand our attention every second. Our walks are intentionally slow and do not cover a great distance like you would on a hike or walk, thus we help you transition from the fast-paced, busy world into a slower, timeless, liminal space.
  • Guides provide clear and defined sequence of invitations that allow you to slow down, relax, be present, and focus on awakening your senses in a safe and welcoming space. This takes the pressure off of wondering what to do next. Our invitations are just that – a suggestion to do something. You aren’t required to do them or perform them a certain way. There is no grading or a test at the end!
  • There’s a saying in our line of work: “The Forest is the Therapist; the Guide merely opens the door.”  We help you find that door, establish connection, and develop a relationship with the More Than Human World. Our role is not prescriptive but rather to assist you in opportunities for creativity and serendipity.
  • And last but not least, we are here to support you in your wellness journey and a resource to wholeness.

About The Walk

About The Walk

When you book a walk with us, you will receive a confirmation of:

  • your walk’s date and time
  • map of location and parking options
  • walk meeting spot (if it’s a remote Zoom walk, you will receive the call details)
  • other pertinent information such as safety, what to wear/bring/not bring. etc.

Other good things to know:

  • Walks are typically 1.5 – 3 hours long. The exact time will be noted in the description of the event.
  • While this isn’t strictly a meditation walk, we do ask for silence, or quietness when we are not sharing as a group.
  • Our walks will run rain or shine unless deemed to be potentially too dangerous by myself or the facility. Walks will be canceled with as much possible notice as we can give, noted on our Facebook page and your money will be refunded.
  • All guests must be registered and paid for. For the best experience for all of our participants, please don’t bring children or pets unless the event says otherwise.
  • Restrooms may not always be nearby or open. Plan that pitstop beforehand.
  • You must sign a waiver of release of liability to participate in our walks.
  • You must follow current Covid guidelines.

What To Wear

Image of person with hiking boots jumping over river
  • Always check the weather conditions and dress for the weather.
  • Wear closed shoes that you may not mind getting dirty.

Remember – we do not walk far or try to work up a sweat! What you wear depends on the season. I recommend dressing in layers to stay comfortable at all times and check the weather!

What To Bring

Image of hat resting on backpack outdoors with boots by the side.

You don’t have to bring much, but it’s a good idea to bring:

  • Your ticket.
  • Water – especially if it’s a hot day.
  • Eye shade if desired: hat, sunglasses.
  • Sunscreen, mosquito/tick repellent (please apply before we start).
  • Hand/foot warmers in winter.
  • Backpack to hold your stuff – if needed.
  • Walking sticks or portable stool if you need them. Sometimes we might spend time sitting right on the forest floor, so if you feel the need for a cushion, you can bring it.
  • An open mind and an open heart for the best experience!

DO NOT bring:

  • For the least amount of distractions, please leave your phones in the car, turned off, or put in silent mode during the walk.
  • Unregistered guests, children, or pets.

Our Policies



  • If booked through Modern Day Valkyrie, due to the preparation and site fee cost of walk locations, full refunds can only be made up to 48 hours in advance.
  • To receive a refund, email us at info@moderndayvalkyrie.com
  • If booked by an partnered organization, please contact them for refund policies.
  • There are no refunds for missing the walk.
  • If for whatever reason WE have to cancel the walk, you will have the option to be fully refunded by original payment method or have credit for a future walk.


  • Only persons who have a pre-purchased ticket will be allowed on the walk.
  • Walks are for adults age 17 and up unless otherwise noted.
  • Since our walks are structured around silence and active meditation, loud or disruptive people will be asked to leave.