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Quote of the Day – Courage by Maya Angelou

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Modern Day Valkyrie: Quote by Maya Angelou

Quote of the Day – Courage by Maya Angelou

Our quote of the day is about courage from Maya Angelou. Of course there is a reason there are so many people who quote the brilliant writer and activist. She not only expressed such wisdom in her writing, but had magic in her words. That magic could fill you up like a nice cup of tea, or ignite a wild fire in your heart.

Merriam-Webster Dictionary definition of Courage

This is our reminder that courage is the basic ingredient of everything we do. We often times view courage as a big rush of adrenaline we need to summon when we do The Big Things, yet it is important to remember that courage is often a quiet call for quiet things.

Courage doesn’t have to be a big display that everyone knows about. It can be talking in a group of people who are strangers, or making the difficult decision to quit a job, or telling someone you need help with something. Maybe courage is putting yourself first before others, or speaking up for yourself at work. We all need to be courageous.

The hardest thing for me to do when it comes to courage is showing my vulnerability. Being open and vulnerable to change is hard for many people. For me, letting go of control and letting things happen – letting others find their way, takes great courage for me.

This quote is to remind anyone who needs it that courage takes many forms. Often people won’t recognize it, but really, what is most important is recognizing it within yourself and loving yourself for it. This is a Warrior Way.

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